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Social Business Program-BUILD for HOPE : VENTURE for GOOD

Program Type: Navigation Pack- Social Business

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Date: 7th-13th January, 2024

Build for Hope : Venture for Good

is a uniquely integrated Social Business program that combines hands-on community service, social entrepreneurship training, and a dedicated focus on culture and wellness. This holistic approach provides an authentic and enriching experience, imparting the knowledge to create impactful social ventures while immersing you in the cultural richness of the communities we serve and nurturing your well-being.

Our program weaves together personal growth, community impact, and a deeper connection to the community around you. By program completion, you will possess the expertise and skills to develop sustainable businesses that address societal challenges. Through dynamic small-group learning and mentorship, we foster empathetic and innovative entrepreneurs committed to driving positive impact.

Program Highlights

  • Uniquely integrated program Combining hands-on community service, social entrepreneurship training, and a focus on local culture and wellness.

  • Community Impact Make a tangible difference through community service by participating in a real house-building project, directly improving the lives of those in need.

  • On-site Learning Venture for good program will cover 5 modules focusing on social business field experience, social impact creation, and the establishment of social education ventures.

  • Mentorship Access dynamic mentorship from VBC team, enabling you to refine your social business vision & strategy and navigate the challenges

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