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Choose your Pack

Find one that works for you

  • Paid Trial Single Session

    Perfect for those wanting to experience the art of clay sculpture firsthand.
    Valid for 60 days
    • single trial session- 3 hrs
  • 2 session Pack

    You can choose any 2 basic modules to start with -eyes, hand, mouth, torso of David by Michelangelo
    Valid for 60 days
    • Masterclass- Sculpting the Renaissance
  • 3 session Pack

    You can choose any 3 basic modules to start with -eyes, hand, mouth, torso of David by Michelangelo
    Valid for 60 days
    • Masterclass-Sculpting the Renaissance
  • 4 session Pack

    Full course to create a realistic head
    Valid for 60 days
    • Masterclass-Sculpting the Renaissance
  • 5 session Pack

    5-session pack is perfect to make a realistic figure or build your unique creation.
    Valid for 60 days
    • Masterclass- Sculpting the Renaissance

Class Format

  •  Small Group: Up to 8 participants per class

  •  Customized Plan & Self-Paced Sculpting: Based on your selection of pack,  you can choose your preferred modules or theme with individualized instruction

  • Flexible Schedule: The program will be conducted over a one-month period, spanning from October 3rd to October 31st, 2023. You are free to select from the available class sessions that best suit your schedule (morning, afternoon or evening)

  • All class materials are included: clay , sculpting tools and apron

  • Firing service is excluded


1. What if I can't complete my work within the allocated 3-hour duration for sculpting.  Can I extend my working time? Any options?

If you find that the class duration does not provide ample time to complete your artwork to your satisfaction, we offer flexible solutions to support your creative process. We understand that everyone's work and pace is different.

(Option 1) Additional Instructed Sessions

You have the option to book additional instructed class sessions, during which our experienced instructors will continue to guide and assist you in your sculpting journey.

(Option 2) Open Studio Slots (Uninstructed) 
For those seeking a more self-directed approach, we offer open studio slots at a nominal cost. These uninstructed sessions grant you the independence to work at your own pace within our dedicated studio space. It's an ideal option for those who prefer a more flexible and self-guided sculpting experience.

(Option 3) Continue Your Sculpting at Home 

If you find yourself inspired to continue your sculpting work beyond our studio sessions, you're welcome to bring your unfinished sculpture home. We will provide you with additional sculpting clay, ensuring you have the resources you need to seamlessly continue your artistic journey from the comfort of your own space.

2. How to reschedule or cancel my class booking? 

You can cancel or reschedule your class booking from My Bookings. You are allowed to cancel/reschedule your class 2 days before the class. If NO SHOW- we don't refund the payment.

3. What is the refund & usage policy?

1. Refund Eligibility

  • Requests Before September 22, 2023: Participants who submit refund requests before September 22, 2023, will be eligible for a 95% refund of the total payment made.

2. Utilization Deadline

  • Utilization Deadline: All purchased sessions must be utilized by October 31, 2023. Sessions not used by this date will expire.

3. Session Transfer

  • Session Transfer: If you are unable to utilize your purchased sessions, you have the option to transfer them to one designated participant of your choice. Please notify RightNow of this transfer at least 1 day prior to the scheduled class booking.

4. Exceptional Refund Requests

  • Case-by-Case Review: For refund requests made after September 22, 2023, we will review each case individually. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we are committed to finding fair and reasonable solutions.

  4. After I complete purchase, how should I book my class?

  • ​​Login to Your RightNow Account: Visit our website and log in to your RightNow account using the credentials you used during the purchase.

  • Book your class

  • Booking Confirmation: Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation email with all the details you need for your upcoming class, including the date, time, location, and any specific instructions or requirements.

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